Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the IP Licensing Portal?

You can access the IP Licensing Portal at: You will need to use an existing Windows Live ID, or create a new one free of charge, to sign in to the portal. If you have questions about the IP Licensing Portal or signing in, please email

How do I request a IP license agreement?

To request a license agreement, please submit your request using the IP Licensing Portal.

How long does it take to obtain a IP license agreement?

For an overview of licensing steps and estimated timelines, please view the processes outlined on the homepage.

I have requested a license using the IP Licensing Portal. How long will it take to complete the request process?

Typical approval time for a new license request is 3 business days. Once approved, a license agreement or application form is delivered to you via email. Once it is returned to us, if everything is in order, we ask you to allow 5-7 business days for processing of the agreement or application.

Where can I find a complete list of available IP license agreements?

Why don't I see my company on the Approved Licensee list(s)?

This list refreshes every night. Please check back again after one day or email to verify the status of your license agreement. Please note that IP Licensing Team may only release license agreement related information to designated company contacts.

How do I determine which license agreement best suits my business model?

What is the difference between interim and final products and interim and final agreements?

“Interim Product” means a software or hardware product or integrated circuit (e.g. silicon implementation, digital signal processing chip, reference design, software SDK, optical drive mechanism, etc.) that is designed to be incorporated in to or combined with a Final Product. A “Final Product” means a software or hardware product in a final form of manufacturing with a fully functional user interface that is intended for distribution to end users (e.g. media player application, cellular phone, motor vehicle radio, portable digital music player or handheld Internet appliance, etc.).

May we telephone you?

Due to the high volume of licensees and requests, the IPLA team is only able to provide email support.

Who can I talk with if I have a technical question?

IPLA only administers licensing requests, and is not a technical resource. Dedicated technical support is not offered on all programs.

Where can I find the correct Certificate Request Form for my license agreement?

The correct form is now available within our online certificate request tool. Existing customers can access this tool from the IP Licensing Portal.

Why didn't I receive a password when I received an email from SpecServer that the package was ready to be downloaded?

If you have previously downloaded deliverables from SpecServer you will not receive a new email from SpecServer with a new password and you may use your current SpecServer password to download your new deliverable. If you have lost or forgotten your SpecServer password please email to reset your password, this will be your password for all future SpecServer downloads. Please keep in mind that IP Licensing Team does not know or store your SpecServer password.

How do I receive information on Conformance testing?

Please refer to your WME Overview document for information. Any additional questions can be sent to as noted in the WME Overview document.

Does Microsoft provide a list of PlayReady patents, and when do these patents expire?

Microsoft offers a Necessary Claims license under our PlayReady agreements which is intended to cover all patents necessary to implement PlayReady technologies, and should provide you with the appropriate patent rights during the term of your agreement. IP Licensing Team does not provide a full list of patents related to PlayReady, nor do we provide a list of their expiration dates due to the complex nature of patents.

What fees are associated with my agreement?

You can find a list of all licenses and associated fees at the PlayReady website and IP Licensing Program site.

Do we have to pay both royalty fees and fees for source code?

It depends. If you require a development agreement and wish to receive source code, source code fees apply. If you require a Final distribution agreement and wish to distribute final products to end users, then there are royalties associated with the agreement you would execute.

Do we have to pay both an Annual Fee and pay per unit?

No, you have the option of choosing one or the other for any single Licensed Technology under a Final Product Agreement.

Where can I download a copy of my invoice?

You can download copy of your invoice by going to our DOC (Digital Operations Center) Portal at: Our DOC Portal allows licensees to transact business with Microsoft via web-based tools. If you have questions about your access to DOC, please email

Who can I contact, if I have questions about my tax withholding forms when paying my invoice?

For questions regarding any tax withholdings, please reach out to our Credit and Collections Team at

How do I terminate my agreement?

The type of agreement(s) you have will determine the type of action(s) which must be taken. Typically for agreements that involve revenue, an amendment needs to be drafted, balances (if any) need to be paid, and final royalty reports must be filed for royalty bearing agreements. Please contact to request any license termination.

What do I do if our license contact has changed?

Please submit a contact change request through the IP Licensing Portal. For more detailed instructions, please refer to our Contact Change page.

What do I do if our company name has changed?

The type of agreement(s) you have will determine the type of action(s) which must be taken. Typically for agreements that involve revenue, an amendment needs to be drafted. For other types of agreements, you will need to complete our Company Name Change form. Please contact to request an amendment or appropriate form.

English is not my first language; do you provide agreements in different languages?

IP Licensing Team only administers licensing agreements in English and we are not able to provide translations of our agreements in any other language.

My WM Rights Manager 10.1 SDK Service Certificate expired. How do I renew it?

The extended support end date for Windows Server 2003 was July 14, 2015. Since WMDRM only runs using Windows Media Rights Manager SDK (WMRM SDK) in a Windows Server 2003 environment, Microsoft will no longer offer support for Windows Media Rights Manager (WMDRM), administer WMRM SDK license agreements, or generate DRM enrollment certificates as of July 14, 2015.

Furthermore, WMDRM is a legacy content and access protection technology and any further innovation in Microsoft’s media-focused DRM functionality will be released via the PlayReady code base, the successor to WMDRM.

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