Getting Started with IP Licensing!

Get started with Microsoft's IP Licensing group.

Microsoft's IP Licensing group provides licensing administration for Microsoft PlayReady Agreements and several Microsoft Windows Media Agreements. It's important to note that Microsoft only executes these technology distribution and/or product development agreements with a "Company" (which may be a sole proprietorship, corporation, educational institution, or a non-profit). Additionally, expect significant delays to your license request if your company has any outstanding payments with Microsoft. You can email to ensure your accounts are up to date prior to starting your licensing request.

Always review the PlayReady licensing website and/or the Windows Media licensing website to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate license agreement for your company. When you are ready to request a license, go to our IP Licensing Portal to make a request.

Your agreement request will take two to four weeks to complete. The licensing process is outlined below for both fee/royalty bearing and payment-free agreement types. If you have questions regarding the licensing process, please email

Licensing Process

Agreements with Fees/Royalties

Process for electronic signature routed agreements.
  1. REQUEST a license agreement via the IP Licensing Portal.*
  2. DRAFT of agreement provided to customer using the information provided in the IP Licensing Portal. (3 business days)
  3. DRAFT APPROVED via email after reviewed for accuracy by customer (or errors reported to Microsoft).
  4. FINAL executable version created and available to sign electronically. (10 business days)
  5. SIGN your agreement using DocuSign.
  6. COUNTERSIGN completed by Microsoft. (3 business days)
  7. INVOICE sent to customer. (3 business days)
  8. DELIVERABLES are provided only after payment is confirmed. (3 business days)

Agreements without Fees/Royalties

Process for paper
  1. REQUEST a license agreement via the IP Licensing Portal.* Microsoft sends executable agreement version via DocuSign. (3 business days)

    If you request an agreement that requires an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate, IP Liensing Team will send instructions on how to obtain it after you have requested the agreement. Other requirements may also apply.

  2. SIGN your agreement using DocuSign.
  3. COUNTERSIGN completed by Microsoft. (3 business days)
  4. DELIVERABLES are provided next (if no fees apply). (3 business days)